Eagle Enterprises rents Satellite Phones and Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs).Eagle Enterprises rents Satellite Phones and Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs).



U.S. Coast Guard Approved Service Station

Mustang Survival
Stearns Mfg
Marine Life Rafts

F.A.A. Approved Service Station

Aviation Life Rafts
Aviation Life Vests

Battery Replacement

ACR Electronics
Alden Electronics
Emergency Locator Beacon

Fire Service

Holmatro Rescue Tools
Scott Health and Safety
Hydro Pit
Fire Extinguishers

Gas Detection

Scott Instruments

Other Services

First Aid Kit Inspection
Survival Kit Inspection


Eagle Enterprises is a FAA and USCG approved service station specializing in the service and inspection of inflatable life saving appliances including marine and aviation life rafts; and aviation life vests.  We service brands including Avon, Crewsaver, DBC, Eastern Aero Marine, Liferaft Systems Australia, Revere, RFD Beaufort, Switlik, Viking, and Zodiac.  Eagle Enterprises is also your one stop source for new life rafts and life vests.  Our educated staff can help you choose the raft or vest that meets your requirements.

Our service centers can clean and inspect your immersion suits, flotation coveralls, flotation coats, and transport suits.  We are the official Mustang Survival and Stearns Mfg cleaning and service center in the state of Alaska.   Eagle specializes in cleaning garments that have been tarnished during oil spill cleanups and hazmat work.  So don’t dispose of your oiled and soiled garments.  Bring them to Eagle for a thorough cleaning. 

Our service stations are also the official battery replacement centers for ACR Electronics.  We service PLBs (personal locator beacons) and EPIRBs (emergency position indicating radio beacons).   And of course we sell new beacons too.

And that’s not all … on the Fire Service side of things Eagle Enterprises is equipped to hydro test cylinders in both our Anchorage and Homer centers.  We are also the only official Scott Health & Safety and Holmatro Rescue Tools service stations in the state of Alaska. We offer Scott Health & Safety service from both our Anchorage and Homer Facilities; and we offer Holmatro service from Anchorage.  Our technicians can even perform on-site servicing upon request.

Our Homer center services fire extinguishers. They can even do on-site servicing and inspection on request.  Both Anchorage and Homer can sell you new fire extinguishers to meet almost any need.

Remember Eagle Enterprises is your one stop source for servicing and sales for marine, aviation, fire, and industrial safety!


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